5 Reasons Your Child Should Go to a Summer Camp in Africa

February 8th, 2017 by GSP Crew Posted in GSP Diaries, Official News & Updates

When young people come to the Global Scholars Program, they take the first steps to broaden their perspectives to include the whole world. Learning to communicate and work with people from other cultures and experiences helps high school students build the leadership skills they need to make a true difference in their own worlds.

Take a look at five reasons you should consider sending your teen to a summer camp in Africa this year: African Leadership Academy‘s Global Scholars Program is waiting for you.

Hands-on Training You Could Never Get at Home

Entrepreneurial and experiential leadership is at the heart of the Global Scholars Program, and our summer campers partake in experiences unique to South Africa, working in a hands-on capacity with non-profits, community centres and emerging social entrepreneurs in Johannesburg.

Cultural Immersion and the Beginnings of a Global Network

As your child works and plays with other teens from all over the world, their perspective expands to understand how others live and think. Your child’s team leader is likely to be one of our alumni, who return to run the Global Scholars Program each summer from any of 40 different African countries, giving our students a unique understanding of the entire continent. Our students come to us from all over the world as well — once your teen has roomed and worked with a student from China, England, Morocco, Kenya or India, they’ll never look at things the same way again.

A Chance to Create Solutions and Do Good in the World

Teens who want to change the world find themselves surrounded by like-minded people at African Leadership Academy. We focus on entrepreneurial leadership to train young people to pursue new ideas, do the right thing, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Your teen can learn how to have powerful social impact that carries over to your own part of the world.

A Unique Experience That Makes You Stand Out

Let’s be realistic — Many high school students are already thinking about college. They want to know whether a summer experience will help prepare them for higher education and if it will impress the people reading their applications and essays. We can’t promise college acceptance, but we can promise that your teen will come home with a greater understanding of the world and the ability to talk and write about what they’ve learned and how it’s changed their lives.

An Introduction to South Africa

Why travel halfway around the world if you’re not going to experience some of the astonishing beauty and cultural diversity of South Africa? We take our global scholars to places like the Sterkfontein Caves, also known as the Cradle of Humankind, as well as to the Apartheid Museum, the Soweto Township, Newtown and the Lion and Safari Park. We make sure the scholars see the best and the most fascinating aspects of this intriguing country.

Teens who travel gain an invaluable perspective that helps them understand the world and their place in it. Find out more about the Global Scholars Program today to learn whether it’s the right place for your student to spend a world-expanding summer.

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