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GSP includes 10-day and 18-day camps for teens ages 13 to 18. Our flagship camps are held in South Africa and we now have a NEW 10-day program in Ghana! Acceptance into GSP is competitive and there are limited spots available so you are encouraged to apply early -- get a free ALA hoodie if you are accepted during our Early Decision period (applications due by 30 November, 2017)! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through 31 May, 2018, after which time no cancellation refunds are made.

We can't wait to receive your application! Please read below carefully before you begin.

Engage Africa 1 (18 Days): 2 July to 19 July 2018

Engage Africa 2 (18 Days): 16 July to 2 Aug 2018

Engage Africa 3 (18 Days): 30 July to 16 Aug 2018

Explore Africa 1 (10 Days): 9 July to 18 July 2018

Explore Africa 2 (10 Days): 23 July to 1 Aug 2018

Explore Africa 3 (10 Days): 6 Aug to 15 Aug 2018

Online Application: When you click to start your application you will be taken to an online application on our platform, Submittable. Once you have created an account you may start and stop the process at any time without losing what you have inserted. Your application is not complete and therefore will not be reviewed until you have submitted the non-refundable Application Fee (see below). Once accepted, your Submittable account is where your information and transactions with ALA will be recorded.

Application Fee (non-refundable): USD $25 paid online via credit card before your application can be processed.

Enrollment Fee (non-refundable): Once accepted, an enrollment fee of USD $500 is required within 7 days to reserve your place in your session of choice.

Tuition Fees 2018 fee for Explore (10 days) is $2500. The 2018 fee for Engage (18 Days) is $4350 for International Students and $3850 for African Residents. ALA offers limited financial assistance to a maximum of $800 per student for African residents only. Click here for more.



We recommend you do as much of the checklist below before you start your application:

Download and read our brochure

Learn about the application process to understand what happens before and after you submit your application

Sign-up for a webinar (a live video conference) or townhall event in your country to learn more about the Global Scholars Program

Read testimonials from past GSP participants

Read FAQs

Apply today to join us for an unforgettable African Summer Camp experience