GSP Diaries

Starting a Business After Graduating High School

Written by , 22nd February 2017

High school graduation is a moment that every young person looks forward to. This is the time when you can start putting your plans into motion and living out the life that you have dreamed of. For some, this will mean beginning an academic career at a university or college, a stepping stone towards a […]

5 Reasons Your Child Should Go to a Summer Camp in Africa

Written by , 8th February 2017

When young people come to the Global Scholars Program, they take the first steps to broaden their perspectives to include the whole world. Learning to communicate and work with people from other cultures and experiences helps high school students build the leadership skills they need to make a true difference in their own worlds. Take […]

Sloane Hughes, GSP Session 2, United States

Written by , 8th April 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the word Africa?  For most young and privileged Americans, it would be animals, safari, diamonds, slavery, poverty, and black people would come to mind.  My experience in the summer of 2015 was the complete opposite of the stereotype that comes with Africa and its people. It was my […]

Go Beyond Volunteering at GSP

Written by , 18th January 2016

Nonye Nwuke, GSP Session 2, Nigeria.

Written by , 5th January 2016

My life was one of simplicity. I wake up. Go to school. Come back. Sleep. Each activity was carried out with the most minute of emotions. I never considered what was on going outside of the of the comfort zone I had secured myself in, and the few times I did, I felt like there […]

Callum Zehner, GSP session 3, United Kingdom

Written by , 25th November 2015

What I learnt about the BUILD process: “BUILD is one of those quaint little acronyms that modern society has become so attached to. However, BUILD, unlike other acronyms, hides within its modest exterior an extremely important and detailed instruction manual for success. The BUILD Process has been drilled into us over the last two weeks, […]

GSP 2016 applications are now open

Written by , 17th September 2015

The Global Scholars Program (GSP) is built around ALA’s unique Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum. Apply today to get exposure to social ventures in the Johannesburg community and build long-lasting interpersonal relationships. GSP prepares future leaders to explore their potential to create widespread change in Africa and around the world. With opportunities to learn from chats with prominent entrepreneurial […]

Successful Failure

Written by , 13th August 2015

If you are reading this during or after your GSP experience, you probably know where I’m headed. If you are aspiring to participate in the Global Scholars Program, brace yourself for a series of breath-taking moments. GSP has made a remarkable impact in my life. Adding to the many voices of the teens that have […]

Top Quotes from #GSP3

Written by , 13th August 2015

    Our favorite quotes from our 2015 Global Scholars in session 3:   “My fellow scholars or, as ALA would say, our next generation of Africa’s leaders received me with a very warm welcome which gave me a sense of belonging and self-confidence.” -Ryan Kamau, Kenya   “The BUILD Process has been drilled into […]

Our Visit to Soweto

Written by , 4th August 2015

By: Mwaita Hungwe, Zimbabwe A bus, good friends and an amazing city to explore – this is how my newfound friends and I spent our day in Soweto. We had the pleasure of visiting the Hector Pieterson Museum and it was life-changing to hear how students took such a strong stand to protest for a […]