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Immigration Requirements: Advice for Families Travelling to South Africa

Written by , 29th March 2017

South Africa is an ideal destination for families that enjoy travelling and exploring landscapes from pristine beaches to vineyards nestled between blue-grey mountains. Or maybe you’re a family that gets your thrills hiking, rock climbing, bungee jumping or game viewing? If you are a parent, maybe one of your travel considerations is that your children […]

Starting a Business After Graduating High School

Written by , 22nd February 2017

High school graduation is a moment that every young person looks forward to. This is the time when you can start putting your plans into motion and living out the life that you have dreamed of. For some, this will mean beginning an academic career at a university or college, a stepping stone towards a […]

Introducing our new Summer camp for younger teens: GSP Explore

Written by , 20th February 2017

As we expand our GSP program, we not only have the classic 18 day summer camp, we are excited to announce that we will be launching a new program this year called Explore Africa.  Explore Africa A ten-day service and adventure program for teens, ages 14 – 16 Explore Africa is an introductory program where […]

Visa Applications and Travel Requirements for GSP Participants

Written by , 15th February 2017

Over the years we have learned a lot about the VISA application process to get our GSP participants travel ready. Our team does its best to assist our participants get through the process by providing critical information, documentation and advice to speed up and make the process as fluid as possible. Four key points are […]