Why GSP?

Reasons to choose ALA for your high-school summer travel experience

Why Choose ALA’s Global Scholars Program

The future of Africa — and the world — depends on young people making meaningful and impactful connections across boundaries of nationality, race, religion, culture and class. In the decades ahead, as leaders in their fields and countries, those who chose to take risks — sharing ideas, tackling challenges, and building solutions with peers from around world — will make the greatest difference. The Global Scholars Program (GSP) is your launch pad to becoming an entrepreneurial leader with a grounding in design-thinking, sense of adventure, and global perspective. Join us!

Go Beyond Volunteering

Collaboration with community leaders to co-create solutions to identified challenges is just the beginning. Participants refine their ideas to ensure they meet real needs, then present their solutions to their peers and community partners. That’s service learning.


Build Your Global Network

Live, work and play with peers from around the world. Your roommate, team member or new best friend might be from Kenya, India, United States, China, Slovakia or England. Bring your perspective, contribute your culture, and open your mind and heart to a world of lifelong possibilities.

Become an Entrepreneur

Human-centered design brings innovation that matters to our communities and the world. Develop confidence to start something that speaks to your passions. Build skills to understand people and their challenges, invent solutions, get and use feedback, and deliver change.

Learn by Doing

Experiential education is active learning in the real world. Action followed by reflection, generating new ideas, and applying learning for results in real communities with committed partners is at the centre of all we do.

Explore South Africa

A series of excursions takes participants on adventures to encounter unique African wildlife, experience South Africa’s rich history and culture, stretch their comfort zones, and explore the vibrant city life of modern-day Johannesburg.


Lead with Purpose

Realize your own powers, build awareness of and engage with others, and collaborate to transform. Through exploration of ideas and opportunities, questioning ‘how’ and ‘why’, sharpening communication skills, and practicing team-work, your own framework and approach to leadership emerges.