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Connecting future leaders to Africa. Revealing Africa to the world.

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Our mission is to develop the next generation of entrepreneurial and ethical leaders at Global Scholars Program (GSP). Each summer on our Johannesburg campus, we bring together young leaders from around the world for a transformative camp experience.  
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A wide variety of excursions take participants on adventures to encounter Africa's wildlife, explore South Africa's rich history and culture, and build a new network of friends from around the world.


Don't just stay in the classroom; learn by doing! Experiential education is at the heart of all we do at GSP, engaging students, deepening learning, and developing skills as social entrepreneurs.


Practice leading others and contributing to a team while receiving feedback from experienced educators. Explore multiple aspects of ethical leadership and return home as an agent of positive change. 

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Hear how GSP impacted our students

"Being part of ALA GSP was so fruitful. I learned a lot about how to solve problems and my community, learned a lot about others but most importantly discovered myself, my passions and purpose. I met people I can feel being part of my life and my story. I had so much fun while learning, so much fun while doing activities and so much fun while being part of ALA GSP."

Tiba Ennouhi

"The Global Scholars Program Explore camp was an amazingly educational and fun experience for me. It not only taught me better ways to be a good leader and make an impact, but it also helped me to interact with others from various countries and it  really built me up positively. It is a program I would gladly share experiences from and recommend to friends and family. It was truly wonderful."

EwaOluwa Adigun

“The three weeks I spent at ALA’s GSP were really meaningful. I learnt new things about myself, the way I treat people in teams for example, and how to practice good leadership skills – but the most important take away is the fact that I now see things differently. This was certainly the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Radovan Bunganic

"We went on a number of excursions that deepened my understanding of South Africa as a whole. I got to meet new people from across the globe and it was quite exciting. I also learnt a lot during the classes we had and it made me gain more confidence in being a leader and making a change"

Tatenda Paradza

“Having worked with ALA as a corporate partner for many years, I was keen for my son to attend GSP. The experience has proved to be transformative for him. GSP gave Adrian a whole new perspective on life and on the possibilities he can create for himself and others.”

Milton Owor
Human Resources Director, GE Africa; father of Adrian, Uganda

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