Engage Africa

Engage Africa is a three-week (18 day) leadership program with a focus on social entrepreneurship for students: ages 13 - 19.

Our classic summer program takes young leaders on a deep dive into design-thinking, leadership training, and cross-cultural exchange, equipping them with the practical skills necessary to be a 21st century changemaker. 

Built around African Leadership Academy's signature Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum and focused on human-centered design thinking, the Engage program teaches teens to understand global challenges and develop context-specific, innovative solutions. Participants practice leadership by working with social ventures, South African entrepreneurs and community members. They develop skills through team-based challenges while building a global network of peers and discovering the history, beauty, and diversity of Africa. Participants leave with the tools to start their own social and civic ventures! 

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A Memorable Experience

GSP Engage participants across the globe have found this camp enjoyable.

"I really enjoyed the program, I think the whole process allowed me to learn a lot about myself and evaluate my goals and the type of leader I want to become"

Arah Elombi (United Kingdom)  

GSP Engage

"I met lots of fantastic people with really good energy and learned more about other African countries. [GSP] has taught me we can better our communities and that we have a lot of potential as a continent"

Carlton Daka (Uganda) 

GSP Engage

Go Beyond Volunteering

Work in teams to assist local entrepreneurs in strengthening their ventures. Whether it’s a neighborhood restaurant, a South African fashion line, or an after-school program for at-risk youth, teams of participants practice problem-solving while learning about the business and developing an understanding of the owner’s needs.

Using our design-thinking model, students brainstorm solutions and collaborate with entrepreneurs to finalize a business proposal. They are no longer just volunteering time and service, but rather co-creating long-term, meaningful solutions that address root causes and true needs rather than the volunteer’s perception. Through this engagement with community partners, students gain skills in project management, active listening, receiving and implementing feedback, and more.

Experience South African culture

As just one of many off-campus excursions, participants travel into the African bushveld to visit Lesedi Cultural Village. Here, participants learn about the diversity of both peoples and traditions within South Africa.

Take a walk through the traditional-style villages that showcases cultural elements from the Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes.

Witness first-hand the energy and beauty of traditional dances, and taste foods from a variety of regions and cultural practices. Here, participants have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the rich cultures of Southern Africa.