Global Affairs

GSP Global Affairs is an exciting new experience for young leaders and diplomats ages 13-19

This offers a new experience for young leaders who have a keen interest in world politics or international relations! In addition to our core GSP curriculum, the program provides a unique lens focused on Global Affairs. 

Are you curious about the real impact of Brexit in Europe? Have you ever wondered how the United Nations came to be, how it actually impacts the world, and why it rarely intervenes in conflicts between nations? Are you keen to discover what true power African states have as the largest voting bloc in the world? Do you dream of becoming an Ambassador and launching your career in Diplomacy? Perhaps you're fascinated by all of these questions, but you aren't quite sure what they mean and you want to find out!  If this sounds like you, look no further for your next summer experience!

Prepare to launch your global career

During our Global Affairs camp, you will be able to discuss all of these topics and more with other aspiring diplomats, hear from experts in the field, and visit one of the most powerful centers of Diplomacy in Africa.  At the same time, you will be learning from ALA’s world class Entrepreneurial Leadership faculty and making friends from all over the world. Delve into these fascinating topics and launch your global career at GSP next summer!

Learning Centered on a Design thinking Approach

After eight years and several hundred participants at our signature Global Scholars Program, we are thrilled at the prospect of combining our Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum centered on design thinking and experiential learning with a deep dive into one of the biggest opportunities in Africa and the world today – addressing grand political challenges and creating space for deepened international cooperation in a world that is increasingly polarized.

While we continue to offer our classic GSP Explore and Engage programs, we believe that young leaders with a passion for international relations will be greatly stimulated with the intersection of a curriculum geared towards problem-solving and some real-world challenges and opportunities in their fields of interest.