Meet The Team

Our year-round GSP Team

Every year, our Global Scholars Program sessions are facilitated and led by an exceptional group of leaders, changemakers, and professionals. 

Uzo Agyare-Kumi

Dean of Global Programs 

David Tait

Head of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Abigail Bobby

Global Scholars Program Coordinator

Kaylin O'Donnell

Global Programs Administrator

In addition to these core individuals, each GSP season is staffed by ALA's expert faculty, including our Entrepreneurial Leadership teachers, as well as experienced educators from schools around the world and alumni of the Academy’s Two Year Diploma Program. These Diploma Program alumni represent some of the best talent that the continent has to offer. All of our participants will get to learn from a future global leader that has been specifically selected by ALA for his or her talent and passion.

GSP educators are responsible for organizing, leading, and implementing curricular programs and experiences for campers that focus on ALA's core values (Integrity, Compassion, Curiosity, Diversity, Humility, Excellence) and its Pillars of Leadership. This curriculum, delivered by our dedicated team, works as a powerful force through which participants can learn to be global changemakers. Our program facilitators serve to further support the educators and assist in handling administration and logistics to ensure that each camp provides a truly remarkable experience. 

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