The GSP Difference

Global Scholars Program offers a unique and transformative camp experience. Our program is made for dynamic, motivated middle and high school students, ages 13 -19 who are thrilled at the prospect of a program in which they will develop as ethical leaders, contribute value to a social venture, experience new people and places, and build lasting friendships. At GSP, students gain tangible skills working with South African entrepreneurs, building leadership skills with peers from all over the world, and exploring the best of what Johannesburg has to offer.  

Participants will engage with our unique, three-pronged model that combines an African context, a human-centered design curriculum, and instructors who are among the continent’s next generation of leaders. To guarantee the students have a full learning experience, the GSP curriculum ensures that there are experiential activities between class lessons so that students learn by doing.

Outside of the classroom, GSP participants explore many of the amazing historical, cultural, and ecological sites that South Africa has to offer. Whether visiting Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto, or searching for zebras and lions in the bush, there are many excursions that allow students to venture outside of ALA's campus. These trips are spaced out over the course of the program to ensure that students have a balance of on-campus activities and off-campus exploration.

At the end of each program, participants will return home with skills that are crucial in a world that increasingly calls for creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the quest for solutions to complex global issues.

Social Entrepreneurship & Service Learning 

Classroom discussions are brought to life with examples that come from just beyond the walls of ALA. Through engagement with a variety of community partners, participants generate solutions, learn to prototype, and practice  giving and receiving feedback. They gain the tools and confidence needed to create long-lasting change both at home and abroad. At GSP, participants become empowered to make meaningful, connections and impactful changes across boundaries of nationality, race, religion, culture and class.


Learn about African issues while on the African continent. The GSP curriculum includes movies, readings, and discussions around the issues facing the continent, as well as lessons on key leaders and innovators. Off-campus excursions will then bring them all to life. Additionally, future leaders from a multitude of countries across Africa and around the world travel to attend GSP, representing dozens of nations and countless cultures each year. This makes GSP one of the most diverse camp experiences available for teenagers anywhere. 

Leadership & Team Building 

GSP lessons are grounded in ALA’s unique entrepreneurial leadership curriculum. Hands-on experiential activities are embedded into each lesson, highlighting  different aspects of leadership such as listening, non-verbal communication, empathy, and creative thinking. Participants also learn constantly from each other, gaining exposure to perspectives that they may not have encountered otherwise. GSP provides a launch pad where teens can become entrepreneurial leaders grounded in design-thinking, a sense of adventure, and a global perspective.

Destination Information

About South Africa

South Africa stretches across the southern tip of the continent, with urban centers in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. It is an extraordinarily diverse country ecologically, topographically and culturally, with 11 different national languages!

From the glowing escarpment of the Drakensberg Mountains and the dramatic shores of the Wild Coast and Cape Town, to the unforgiving landscape of the Karoo, and the pastoral swaths of the Natal, it is a country of amazing contrasts. Fruits, livestock, diamonds and gold, along with manufacturing and retail, fuel the South African economy, which is the 2nd largest on the African continent.

The country’s wildlife, cultural diversity, beaches, wineries and art scene, as well as its infamous history of Apartheid, make it one of the top tourist destinations on the continent. South Africa, however, continues to struggle with post-Apartheid reconciliation, HIV/AIDS, poverty alleviation, and other challenges. The work isn’t done yet.

About Africa

South Africa is only one of the 54 African countries. Africa is the second largest continent in terms of population and an area of the world that is steeped in rich and vibrant history.

Home to over 1,000 languages, the cultural diversity and pace of innovation across the continent is a wonder to explore. It is often said that Africa suffers from a “Youth Bulge,” with a substantial proportion of the population under the age of 20. At GSP, we see this as an opportunity! In such an environment, the effort to develop ethical, entrepreneurial leaders at a young age is paramount. GSP’s unique curriculum and international focus allows students to experience the history – and the future – of the complex and beautiful African continent.

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