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ALA’s campus is nestled in the leafy suburb of Honeydew on the outskirts of busy Johannesburg, offering the perfect environment for fun, focus and learning. Our campus is centred around a quad surrounded by buildings that include an administration block, dining hall, a state-of-the-art learning commons, auditorium, and residential halls. All the buildings are easily accessible. There are basketball courts, a full-size and 5-on-5 football/soccer pitch, tennis courts and a running trail making it easy for visitors to stay fit and enjoy their favourite activities while on campus.

The safety and security of our participants is our #1 priority. The ALA campus has a strict access policy and is guarded by a 24-hour security service. Our head of security, who lives on campus, and his team have extensive experience in emergency response and have worked in school environments for many years. A nurse and wellness team are on-site 24/7.


ALA hosts world class facilities that cater to over 200 students every year. Our dorm rooms are fitted with comfortable single beds shared between 2 to 3 students, a desk, closet and heater for cold nights. Residence halls house an average of 23 students are a secure and homey environment for participants, including common spaces for hanging out and kitchenettes. Restroom facilities on each hall are shared, single-gender and include hot/cold showers. Two to three staff members live on each hall and are available day and night to serve as a resource to participants.

The Dining Hall

An easy walking distance from the dorms is the dining hall that celebrates the ALA value of diversity through a display of flags from around the world. Our on-campus caterer provides healthy meals along with snacks throughout the day and is able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions such as vegetarian and halal-friendly meals.

Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Our classrooms are equipped with 21st Century learning tools such as white boards and projectors. For experiential learning, our open space quad at the centre of campus is ideal for activities, group reflection and down time. Additionally, our brand-new Pardee Learning Commons, opened in September 2017, is a state of the art building providing a light-filled, multidisciplinary space for students to work and learn.

Safety & Security

Our dormitories are protected by a bio-metric system, which limits hall entry to residents of those rooms and certain staff/faculty. Each hall has an emergency fire door that is permanently armed. There are surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, and emergency switches on every residence hall as well as other spaces across campus.

We have invested in a new and robust “cashless card” system for our campus, ensuring that our summer camp visitors do not have to carry or worry about their cash. Upon arrival to campus, participants deposit cash into our cashless system and receive a debit-type card with which they will make snack and apparel purchases on-campus. All remaining cash, passports and other valuables are placed in a locked safe by Security.