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Jozi: City of Gold

GSP offers the “best of both worlds”. Our campus is located in the quiet suburb of Honeydew where you can enjoy peace and quiet, play on green sports fields, hang out under trees, sleep soundly and wake to the sound of birds. Just a short drive down the road, through bustling commercial districts and beautiful residential areas, you’ll experience the magic and dynamism of Johannesburg, known by locals as “Joburg”, “Jozi” or “eGoli” (the place of gold). It’s famous neighbor, Soweto, once the epicenter of anti-Apartheid resistance and home to Nelson Mandela, is now a growing business hub and vibrant community.  

GSP participants experience vibes of Joburg and Soweto on excursions to historic sites, museums and neighborhoods. And get first hand knowledge of what’s on-trend through the eyes of local entrepreneurs and social innovators during service learning projects and our BUILD design process.

Experience one of Africa’s -- and the world’s -- most exciting cities!