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Hear From Our Parents and Alumni:

"After much research, I knew African Leadership Academy’s Global Scholars Program was the right program because it related [to] my goals of improving Africa through quality leadership and erasing some stereotypes of Africa." -Maame Efua Benyi, GSP 2016 (Ghana), SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College

“…being with other students from around the world is a very good opportunity to get out of one’s comfort zone and…interact and understand other people and cultures.” -Adlai Maziko Makhaza, GSP 2016 (Malawi)

“This experience has been amazing. I can honestly say it has been life-changing and I have learned so much about South Africa and that leadership is really about taking ownership as a leader. You can’t control others and what happens around you, but it is all about your response-ability to situations.” -Julia Meyers, GSP 2015

“I attended GSP before moving to a new school in a different country. My GSP experience changed and benefited me especially because I was able to apply the Entrepreneurial Leadership concepts and thinking strategies to navigate my transition into a new environment. GSP was an eye opener for me.” - Oluwatoni Agbeyangi, GSP 2014 (Nigeria), Georgetown Preparatory School

“The three weeks I spent at ALA’s GSP were really meaningful. I learnt new things about myself, the way I treat people in teams for example, and how to practice good leadership skills – but the most important take away is the fact that I now see things differently. I have discovered new values and I’m not that impulsive anymore. I now know I can make an impact if I work hard and that I can inspire others to be active in pursuing their dreams. This was certainly the best experience I’ve ever had.” - Radovan Bunganic, GSP 2015 (Slovakia), LEAF, Bratislava

“Having worked with ALA as a corporate partner for many years, I was keen for my son to attend GSP. The experience has proved to be transformative for him. GSP gave Adrian a whole new perspective on life and on the possibilities he can create for himself and others.” - Milton Owor, Human Resources Director, GE Africa; father of Adrian, GSP 2014 (Uganda)

Explore Our School Case Study

Come to GSP with your classmates and favourite teacher! Schools and other organizations can send groups of students to GSP. Over the past two years groups of 5 to 15 students (with 1 or 2 faculty chaperones) have joined peers from around the world on our campus to explore what it means to be a social enterprise leader. Read their stories to see what it’s like to connect your school or youth organization to GSP – and what you’ll take back that just might make a difference!